A fine writer who has never had the full recognition he deserves
-- Graham Greene, 1977

Now that I've read Something To Answer For, I'm left more baffled than anything else.... The simple fact is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's beautifully written, shot through with crisp, mordant wit, and Newby plays out his narrative with consummate skill... Yet now, where is this cultural and literary titan?
-- The Guardian, 2007

This is a web-site about, amongst many other things, the first winner of the Booker Prize, P.H. Newby. More generally, it is a web-site about the once Managing Director of BBC Radio who wrote a spread of books consisting of comedies, thrillers, historical studies, adventure stories and literary criticism.

P.H. Newby

Whilst he was working at the BBC, Newby wrote mostly at the weekends, fuelled by "excitement over a crux, a donnée, a paradox that I imperfectly understand." This crux was chiefly psychological, and often it was also related to nationality. Some of Newby's books could be classed as "Anglo-Egyptian," the author having taken much inspiration from that country. In other books, the idea of Englishness is examined under conditions where that "Englishness" is upset.

You will find, if you read Newby's books, that they are as refreshing and engaging as they were when they were written in the long-ago half-forgotten land of the 20th century. Five of them -- The Barbary Light, Journey to the Interior, Kith, A Season in England and the Booker Prize winning Something to Answer For – are now available in a new range of Faber books, available from this web-site. The others await you in libraries and second hand bookshops the world over.

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