The Loot Runners

The Loot Runners tells the story of one of the most audacious smuggling gangs of recent years. Their base was a remote loch in Scotland, their craft was an open-going diesel yacht called The Manitou, and their concern was the transfer of a fabulous treasure from Britain to the other side of the Atlantic. It is not often that such a gang is thwarted by a small band of quite ordinary people. The dangers, then, were obvious when an Egyptian millionaire who arrived in England to purchase a yacht for his own pleasure, invited Tom McQueen and his son Bill to help in the search which led, bu the wildest chance, to an inspection of The Manitou herself.

Their adventures made headlines in the newspapers of the world and are here excitedly set down by young Bill McQueen.

Cover design by Guy De Selincourt, with inside illustrations by F. Stock May.

P. H. Newby Book Cover P. H. Newby Book Cover P. H. Newby Book CoverP. H. Newby Book Cover