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P. H. Newby ... is, I think, by a long way the most gifted English writer to appear since the beginning of the Second World War... [He is] the only English writer with anything approaching genius to be produced by his generation so far.
-- John O'London's Weekly

Not since the death of Virginia Woolf has the art of the novel been practised by so deliberate an artist as P.H. Newby. His prose is clean and sparkling as April rain in sunshine.
-- Antonia White, The New Statesman and Nation

Newby, like fellow British novelists Henry Green and William Sansom, writes about his people with fraternal warmth and no condescension.

Mr. Newby... has so far, apparently, been more admired than read. A stop should be put to that lamentable state of hospitality. For Mr. Newby commands a remarkably subtle and effective style, and... he uses it to excellent effect.
-- Charles Poore, New York Times

Mr Newby combines subtle psychological observation with sharp delineation of character—often eccentric, wholly recognizable—and an original eye for physical detail.
-- Ruth Chapin, Christian Science Monitor

[Newby] never cheats. I could not find a single paragraph where he had taken his eye off the mark or slurred or blurred an effect.
-- Antonia White, The New Statesman and Nation